Agricultural Lending

Get the information you need to execute on data-driven prospecting, analysis, and decision making.

Get the Lay of the Land

Are you curious about largest agricultural landowners in a particular county, or what were the most recent land transactions?

Utilize CompleteBankData to learn nearly every aspect of a region, from the number of mortgages from a particular branch of a bank, to a county’s largest landowners and where they reside, to the crops grown on a particular plot of land. See who a particular farmer uses for equipment financing, and at what intervals they invest in equipment.

Identify Competitors

Are your competitors really competitors? With CompleteBankData, clients can easily identify the volume of a bank’s agricultural lending over time.

Additionally, you can compare yield and cost structure, to determine if a particular bank’s agricultural loan products are actually creating a profit.

Get an Informational Advantage Over Your Competition

Our tools give an informational edge over competition by  harnessing the data on a particular region, bank, or farmer and then using it to make informed, proactive decisions.  

We provide you the ability to grow your loan portfolio with minimal risk.  Make data-informed decisions and generate business through our actionable leads and market intelligence.

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